Thoreum Capital

The 50/50 Strategy

While there are many ways to succeed with USD Beans, based on the experienced community’s members calculations, one of the best ways to approach claiming and reinvestment is to use a 50% withdrawal/50% reinvestment strategy. This will allow the investor to withdraw USD while still allowing them to grow their total deposit continuously. It is recommended that investors use the 50/50 strategy until they have withdrawn 3X their initial deposit. Then it is recommended the investor chooses a full 100% reinvestment and starts the cycle again.
According to our community, here are the best strategies and you can choose which one seems to be suitable to you ❤️
1️⃣ Eat and then Re-Deposit with 50% of your beans every 10 days:
🫘 Consists on withdrawing on the 10th day and then compounding half your profits (Buy Beans) with 50% of the withdrawn amount. Then repeat.
2️⃣ Hyper-compound
🫘 Compounding every day or every $12 (6 LP) worth of rewards, we would suggest that you do it for 30 days and then you take profits on day 40 onward.
3️⃣ Re-bake 5 days -> do not re-bake for the next 5 days --> eat at the 10th day. Then repeat.
🟢 The purpose behind following these 50/50 strategies is threefold:
  • First, by reinvesting, the participant helps to promote the longevity of the project, meaning that they can collect for a longer period of time.
  • Second, the 50% reinvestment allows the participant to continuously increase their position, which will allow for larger weekly withdrawals. This is best to ensure the long term 300% ROI.
  • Third, by claiming 50%, the investor is continually moving towards their 300% ROI goals while still increasing their earning potential and the longevity of the project.