💸Thoreum Instant Bond

Get 20.5% profit from Thoreum Instant Bond. Pay BNB and get Thoreum without 10% Tax, plus 10.5% bonding rewards after 5 days. The benefit can be more with Thoreum's price appreciation in 5 days.

1. What is bonding?

Bonding is the secondary value accrual strategy of Thoreum. It allows Thoreum to acquire its own liquidity and other reserve assets such as BNB by selling THOREUM at a discount in exchange for these assets. Unlike other protocols, bonded money will be used to market buy THOREUM and add liquidity, making sure that Thoreum price and liquidity is increased after each bond.

Currently there're 2 bonds type:

  • BNB bonding with 20.5% bonding rewards, claimable in maximum 5 days. Bonding Thoreum with BNB is 22.7% cheaper than buying Thoreum in the market.

  • ETH bonding (up coming), claimable in maximum 7 days.

2. How does Thoreum Instant Bond work?

  • You come to Thoreum Instant Bond section on the website and check if there is a discounted bond.

  • If there is bond available, usually with a discount, you can buy THOREUM without normal buying tax. So you pay 10% less BNB (or BUSD, or THOREUM-BNB LP or whatever the protocol choose) compare to what they have to pay on normal exchanges.

  • You can claim your THOREUM instantly after purchase, or claim it at maximum 5 days later ( 5 days is just an example, it can be vary based on different type of bonds).

  • We called this special mechanism as Bonding Rewards.

  • If your claim time is passed, you can no longer claim the bonded amount, so please come back before 5 days dead line to claim your Thoreum (now increased at least 10.5% in USD value).

  • The benefit can be more with Thoreum's price appreciation in 5 days because the more people bonding after you, the more market buy happens, the more price is increased.

  • Please note that discounted bonding is a limited offer: not every time there is a discounted bond available, if someone already bought all the discounted bond, there will be no discounted bond left. Or when the project decide that not to sell bonds, there'll be no discounted bonds available.

For example, if you want to bond 1 BNB for THOREUM, the following happens:

  • Normally if you buy 1 BNB on the exchange you have to pay 10% tax, so the Thoreum amount will be worth 0.9 BNB after the purchase.

  • If you bond 1 BNB using Thoreum Instant Bond, you don't have to pay 10% tax, so the Thoreum amount will be worth 1 BNB after the purchase.

  • You can instantly claim this amount and take advantage of the 10% profit, or you can wait any time between 0 to 5 days to claim it.

  • So you can claim the Thoreum worth at least 1.105 BNB after 5 days. Compare with only 0.9 BNB worth if you buy it on the market, you get 22.77% more profit.

3. The Fly Wheel Effect of THOREUM begins here

  • People are attracted by the steady grow of Thoreum's price

  • They come to Instant Bond to get 20.5% to 25% profit from bonding their BNB/ETH for the token.

  • The price grows further because of buying pressure from the bond's BNB with THOREUM's innovative Bonding Mechanism.

  • After claiming Thoreum from instant bond, they will see that it's best to use the claimed Thoreum in the Miner/Garden/Beans to get 3% - 10% daily, or locking in Thoreum Bank for 230% APY in top 10 leading coins.

  • Users lock their Thoreum in these services for long term --> create supply shock.

  • The combination of the steady price growth and supply shock will make Thoreum's price fly and attract more people to the project --> the fly wheel effect continues.

  • ( This effect already happened with Thoreum v3: from 15 Jul 2022 to 18 Jan 2023, Thoreum's price per BNB has organically more than doubled in 6 months, from 0.00095 BNB / 1 Thoreum to 0.00199 BNB / 1 Thoreum. You can check chart here https://dexscreener.com/bsc/0xd822e1737b1180f72368b2a9eb2de22805b67e34, remember to click Switch to price in WBNB).

  • We upgraded to Thoreum v4 on 19 Jan 2023 with even more innovative mechanisms, the Thoreum fly wheel effect can only become better.

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