Thoreum Capital

Thoreum Bank

THOREUM Bank is the profit sharing system where holders of THOREUM can lock their THOREUM-BNB to earn Triple passive income rewards from THOREUM and affiliates protocols ($6 million value of Thoreum and $3.5 million value in Busd and Bnb have been rewarded to stakers in the last 12 months)
Build your portfolio in bears market to reap the x10 to x100 benefit when market turning bullish. Easily invest in multiple assets regardless of your crypto knowledge or skill level. Get Thoreum protocol's revenue sharing in a portfolio of market’s leading crypto currencies including BTC, ETH, BNB XRP, ADA and other tokens of community's choice.


- You stake THOREUM-BNB LP (any period from 14 days to 4 years) in the THOREUM Bank and mint xTHOREUM as a receipt.
- Proportionally, the longer you lock, the more xTHOREUM you will receive. A 4 years lock will give a 1:4 ratio of THOREUM in LP to xTHOREUM conversion.
- The more xTHOREUM you hold, the more revenue shares you get. Or you can choose to auto-extend if you deposit more than 25 LP (~$500 USD)
- Every 14 days you can extend your lock time to get more xTHOREUM & more rewards.
- By just holding xTHOREUM, you earn triple passive income everyday from: ✅ 9% trading volume in BNB and BTCB, ETH, XRP, ADA and/or other high potential tokens of community's choice. ✅ ~175% LIBERO APY, auto compound every 30 minutes (rewards from Thoreum Capital's investment in Libero's ITO). ✅ THOREUM-BNB LP from 50% of protocol’s revenue in Miners, Gardens and future products
- Earn up to 10% commission with 5 Referral Bonus Levels
- You can unlock xTHOREUM before time but 90% of your locked amount will not returned.

Why THOREUM Bank is the innovation of Defi world?


Want to invest in crypto but not sure how? Let THOREUM Bank do the work. Now you can invest in a curated list of the best crypto currencies on the market by locking your THOREUM-BNB LP in THOREUM Bank. You will get the revenue sharing from THOREUM protocol not in BUSD but in a basket of large cap token selections (for example BTC, ETH, BNB, XRP, ADA, DOT, DOGE, TRX, MATIC, CAKE etc.). This is a perfect time to accumulate those coins as crypto market is nearing the bottom. Those strong coins will bounce back x10 to x100 higher in the next bull run and you will not miss the best chance that is hard to find in many years (Bitcoin is predicted to hit up to 1 million USD).
The choice of which token to be included in the basket will be made within the THOREUM Rewards Fund (TRF). The decision will be made by community governance through voting, based on the number of xTHOREUM you hold. This will enable each investor to have a vote on which tokens should be included within the TRF. Everything from large cap currencies to low cap gems will be put to a vote.
Earn instantly 175% APY massive passive income in LIBERO Besides a basket of large cap tokens rewards, you will earn LIBERO reward from the LIBERO treasury which is invested by Thoreum (Thoreum invested and holds 10% of the total supply of LIBERO from its initial token offering). Expected APY is ~175% a year.
Even more, you can boost your reward by using this Libero reward to stake into Libero Bank with high interest: 543.27% APY in Libero & 844.66% APR in BUSD. More than 3 Million BUSD has been paid to Libero Bank stakers during the past months of bear market, not counting Libero rewards.
Get Thoreum-Bnb LPs reward from THOREUM ecosystem revenue sharing:
50% of the protocol's revenue from Thoreum BNB Miner, BNB Garden and future products of THOREUM will be shared among THOREUM Bank stakers in the form of THOREUM-BNB LP.
Furthermore, you can earn interest on top of your interest by staking these LPs back into THOREUM Bank, or THOREUM BNB Miner for 3% BNB daily!
Since THOREUM is a strong deflationary coin, the price of THOREUM-BNB LP will increase over time. The more LPs you accumulate, the bigger your bag will be in the long term.
THOREUM Bank is the latest innovation of Defi world, keeping THOREUM as the leader of passive income industry and we are here to help you to reach your financial freedom. Prepare your bag now!