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Thoreum v4

Introducing AI Powered Collective Burning & Liquidity Arbitrage Mechanism
Dear our valued users,
Thoreum V3 was upgraded from v2 in July 2022 with one goal: become the world's first hyper-deflationary token designed to deliver what any holders desire most: scarcity, sustainability, and price appreciation over time.
With Thoreum v3 special mechanism, in just 5 months, so far we have been growing very strongly:
  • The price has been doubled, from 1 THOREUM = 0.00095 BNB on 15 July 2022, to 1 THOREUM = 0.0019 BNB as of 18 Jan 2023.
  • The liquidity has tripled, from 1,243 BNB to 3,339 BNB in the same period. Total liquidity is now over 2 millions USD, making the project stronger than ever.
  • A series of innovative products was launched successfully, BNB Miner, BNB Garden, Thoreum Bank with TVL growed to $1.28 millions USD.
With these achievements, holder’s of the Thoreum Ecosystem might have at least doubled their assets or will get their investment back and profit very soon. What we have done in just 5 months may be impressive, but with the commitment to bring Thoreum to become the world's most scarce and valuable asset, we can not stop here! That's why, after months of intensive development and testing, today we bring to you Thoreum v4 with even more deflationary and value building features:
  • AI Powered Collective Burning: We will make Thoreum more scarce by burning about 2% of total supply everyday. This will help Thoreum's price to grow 542 times in 318 days and 1 THOREUM will be equal to 1 BNB in price.
In reality, we will achieve this faster because of the other price growth mechanism. How can we make it happen?
- With our AI powered collective burning mechanism, the AI will monitor users’ sentiment and know when to burn Thoreum. If the AI predicts an increase in demand (i.e. a lots of user going to buy Thoreum), it’ll burn Thoreum along with the user's trades
- With this special mechanism, Thoreum in every wallet will be decreased after each burn, but Thoreum in liquidity pools will also be burned and Thoreum price is increased proportionally.
- Since $Thoreum pairs with BNB, when your $Thoreum tokens decrease in the amount in your wallet, in fact the balance per BNB is still the same. Only your balance per USD will be up and down with BNB price. Because the AI burns Thoreum alongside with trading orders, so if there are more buy than sell, the price of Thoreum will be increased higher and your Thoreum in wallet will have higher value, in the long run.
  • Deepening liquidity by pairing with other large cap tokens: With the help of new products, such as ETH Beans, we will build Thoreum liquidity in many other DEXes with many other value growing tokens, such as ETH, ADA, MATIC, etc. This will bring key benefits:
    1. 1.
      Grow Thoreum's liquidity, the deeper the liquidity, the higher the value when someone wants to take profit of their THOREUM.
    2. 2.
      Tie Thoreum with high value tokens, if the tokens grow in price, Thoreum will automatically grow in price. When the next bull run, BNB and ETH will be x10 to x100, because Thoreum is tied with BNB and ETH, our Thoreum's price will reap the benefit.
    3. 3.
      Lesser the risk: currently Thoreum is tied with BNB, so if something happens with BNB we will lose value. But with more tokens in Thoreum liquidity, the risk will be lessened.
    4. 4.
      The upcoming Thoreum ETH Beans will attract Ethereum investors to our project, and tie Thoreum value with ETH.
  • Liquidity Arbitrage Mechanism: With more liquidity pairs on more DEXes (currently we have THOREUM-BNB on Biswap and THOREUM-ETH on Pancakeswap), there will be opportunities when price on some DEXes is lower or higher than price on other DEXes. We have developed an innovative liquidity arbitrage mechanism to make use of these opportunities to buy low, sell high and balance the price between DEXes. The arbitrage profit will be used to buy back Thoreum and add to liquidity, making the price increase as well as more stable.
  • A feature will be removed: highest buyer rewards
  • Tax will be adjusted to 10% buy / 20% sell to keep people stay longer in the ecosystem.

AI Powered Collective Burning and Liquidity Arbitrage Mechanism have finished the development and testing phase and will be in production today. Stay tuned to see them in action, and get your big profit when 1 THOREUM reach 1 BNB, fellow Thoreum holders!

Thank you
(for liquidity value on 15th July, see our Telegram post on July 15th 2022 https://t.me/ThoreumOfficialChannel/1198)
(for our price history and current liquidity value, see https://dexscreener.com/bsc/0xd822e1737b1180f72368b2a9eb2de22805b67e34, click switch to price in WBNB and see this chart)
(for our plan for v3 5 months ago and have been well executed see https://t.me/ThoreumOfficialChannel/1195)
Update on Sep 20 2023: The speed of AI Powered Collective Burning will be adjusted to 1% per day
After a period of optimization, Thoreum will continue to increase in price through the existing Collective Burning mechanism, but the rate of increase will now be 1% per day, resulting in an annualized percentage yield (APY) of 3700%.
In practical terms, this means that Thoreum's price is projected to increase by a factor of 37 over the course of one year.