💠Deepening liquidity

Deepening liquidity by pairing with other large cap tokens: With the help of new products, we will build Thoreum liquidity in many other DEXes with many other value growing tokens, such as ETH, ADA, MATIC, etc. This will bring key benefits:

  • Grow Thoreum's liquidity, the deeper the liquidity, the higher the value when someone wants to take profit of their THOREUM.

  • Tie Thoreum with high value tokens, if the tokens grow in price, Thoreum will automatically grow in price. When the next bull run, BNB and ETH will be x10 to x100, because Thoreum is tied with BNB and ETH, our Thoreum's price will reap the benefit.

  • Lesser the risk: currently Thoreum is tied with BNB, so if something happens with BNB we will lose value. But with more tokens in Thoreum liquidity, the risk will be lessened.

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