Thoreum Capital

AI Powered Collective Burning

AI Powered Collective Burning: We will make Thoreum more scarce by burning about 2% of total supply everyday. This will help Thoreum's price to grow 542 times in 318 days and 1 THOREUM will be equal to 1 BNB in price. Of course we will achieve this faster because of the other price growth mechanism.
  • How can we archive this? With our AI powered collective burning mechanism, the AI will monitor the user's sentiment and know when to burn Thoreum. If the AI predicts an increase in demand (i.e. a lot of user going to buy Thoreum), it will burn Thoreum along with the user's trades.
  • With this special mechanism, the Thoreum in every wallet will be decreased after each burn, but the Thoreum in liquidity pools will also be burned and Thoreum price is increased proportionally. So the value of Thoreum in your wallet will stay equal after each burn. But because the AI burns Thoreum alongside with trading orders, so if more buy than sell, the price of Thoreum will be increased higher and your Thoreum in wallet will have higher value, in the long run.
  • The only number you should watch is Thoreum marketcap. Because your share/ marketcap not changed after each burn, if marketcap increase your holding value is increased, if marketcap decrease your holding value is decreased. Update on Sep 20 2023: The speed of AI Powered Collective Burning will be adjusted to 1% per day
    After a period of optimization, Thoreum will continue to increase in price through the existing Collective Burning mechanism, but the rate of increase will now be 1% per day, resulting in an annualized percentage yield (APY) of 3700%.
    In practical terms, this means that Thoreum's price is projected to increase by a factor of 37 over the course of one year.