Thoreum Capital

Multi boost pool (Staking)

Thoreum Multi Boost - Multi Staking Rewards - coming soon
Continuing the success of Thunder Boost technology from Thoreum, we are delighted to introduce Multi Boost - multi staking rewards pools with 0% deposit fee!
Just place your $THOREUM in one of our “Multi Boost" earning pools to earn 3rd-party tokens such as EPICHERO, MVC, SAFEEARN, BABYSWAP…
Even when $THOREUM is not in your wallet, you still continue to collect your automatic holding rewards $THOREUM from 13% buy fee, as if the coin is still in your wallet, plus you continue to earn the staking rewards in Multi Boost pools.
If the 3rd-party token is a reflection token such as MVC, EPICHERO, SAFEEARN,… you continue earning their reflection rewards after harvest, just by holding the 3rd-party token in your wallet.
With $THOREUM, the more you hold, the endless rewards you earn!
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