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Thoreum Alliance - the Auto Rewards Ecosystem

One of the key reason behind Thoreum's long term success is Thunder Alliance Auto Rewards Ecosystem. The system currently consist of Thoreum, Epichero, MVC, ThunderCake, ThunderBNB, ThunderADA, ThunderETH and open for other auto reward tokens to join.
⚡️Thunder Alliance Ecosystem has many different auto rewarding tokens that supporting each other to increase value in the long term. Each user buy & sell of one token will have 2% transfer tax to buy and distribute Thoreum. For example:
  • Each transaction of ThunderXXX use 2% to buy & distribute Thoreum, increase Thoreum price and expand Thoreum brand & users base.
  • Currently there are 3 tokens buy back Thoreum continuously & will be lots more (ETH, BTC, DOT, DOGE...) —> Buying pressure for Thoreum will continue endlessly making the demand and Thoreum price going up for a long time.
  • When Thoreum price go up —-> holders of ThunderXXX have more benefit because they got 2% Thoreum distribution.
    • For example on 6 Aug 2021 ThunderCake was launched, Thoreum price is just 0.01
    • From 6 Aug till 24 Aug just in 18 days there're 3 tokens launch and Thoreum price is x300
    • When Thoreum price reached 0.03 —> holders of ThunderCake get x3 benefit from their Thoreum's dividen, 2% Thoreum/transaction actually become 3 times worth.
    • This is a hard-proof evidence that each tokens of the Thoreum ecosystem supporting each other.
⚡️Furthure more, when a new token launch, each user buy & sell of the new token will have 2% transfer tax to buy back and burn 1 of the last tokens. So any grow of one token will bringing up each other, and a token cannot fall too low because other tokens will support it for each buy & sell of one token will have transfer tax to buy and burn other tokens.For example, each transaction of ThunderADA use 2% to buy back & burn ThunderADA, increase ThunderBNB price and rarity.
ThunderADA launched and boost Thoreum price 16.54% in just 1 day
ThunderADA launched and boost ThunderBNB price 17.89% in just 1 day⚡️ Each token in the ecosytem will be launched on Thoreum ITO platform, with 5% discount price for current ecosystem holders. All fund raised from current tokens will be burnt forever to make these tokens rarer and boost price in the long run.For example on the ITO of ThunderADA (https://thoreum.finance/ito/thunder-ada), ~1.2 Billions of ThunderCake ( 1.5% of total supply) and ~2 Billions of ThunderBNB ( 2% of total supply) that have been raised will be burned forever.​
⚡️ Thoreum open ThunderBoost pool for ThunderCake, ThunderBNB, ThunderADA and other new tokens, expand their brand to the big investors community of Thoreum ( over 40,000 now) and also help expanding user base of these tokens ( user base of ThunderXXX always growed greatly after their ThunderBoost open on Thoreum.finance).
⚡️ In the future there will be more tokens to join the auto rewards system, each joined token have to bring value to other tokens in the ecosystem, making each token in the ecosystem better reason to hold.

What is the best strategy to make use of the Thunder Alliance Auto Reward Ecosystem

The system is designed to strengthen every token position for a long run and this is a strategic advantage when each token has support from each other token in the ecosystem and do not have to fight alone in the market.The best way to make use of this Auto Rewards Ecosystem is to hold every token in it. You cannot know exactly when and how Thoreum or ThunderCake, ThunderBNB, ThunderADA or any other token will pump or dump, but you can be sure that any grow of one token will bringing up each other, and a token cannot fall too low because other tokens will support it for user buy & sell of one token will have transfer tax to buy and burn other tokens.So holding a basket of tokens in the system is the best strategy to not be affected by each up and down of the market and see your basket grow day by day, week by week and month by month together.⚡Thunder Alliance - the Auto Rewards Ecosystem⚡​
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